Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today I attended a fundraiser for Aussie's friend Meg. Apparently Therapy dogs can't bowl.It was to help defray rehabilitation and medical related expenses for Meaghan, including service mobility dog training and equipment for her golden retriever, Ribby. Also on Meg's wish list is hydro therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, music therapy, educational tutor and more! Meg couldn't come because her blood levels were too low. I got to meet many friends & family instead.
I wasn't so sure about this place when I got there. It was loud .Those weren't the kind of balls I like to play with. I was a little scared.After a little while it didn't seem so bad.As long as those big balls were not close to me. Stay in your holder ball!I also had to ignore something called popcorn. It was very hard! Smelled wonderful and right at my nose level. I did sneak a piece or two.Then I got caught! I had lots of ice cookies instead.
I also met 2 new friends that are already working dogs.We're all praying for Meg to stay strong and fight.

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