Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Day

Our friend Ellen does a nice thing for us pups. She takes fancy pictures our Moms can use for holiday cards or just to frame. That makes sure our mom's don't forget what we look like when we go to college. My Mom could never forget me. I look just like my half brother Mac. If you want to see more of her work:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Walt Disney World

Well I was supposed to fly on a plane but we had a change of plans. Instead I went to visit Miss Liz, Sirius & Luna. We went to a place called "up north" I had fun. Too bad Miss Liz knows the rules. I couldn't get away with anything!

My friend Mogli took my place in Florida. Here he is reporting in:
Hi Mogli here. I met Miss Andrea at her hotel. She had a big room to run around in. Mom Natalie said I should walk with Andrea for practice. I kept looking to see where my Mommy was.
Miss Andrea called me a Momma's boy. What ever that means. We also visited where Andrea goes to school. Her school is different than Natalie's. I also showed Andrea around Universal. I'm here all the time. I showed her the ropes. Jaws and Harry Potter world.
I even took a drink of Butter beer when Andrea spilled hers on the ground.MMM yummy.
I met another PAWS dog there too. His name was Phoenix.I'm glad Andrea came to Florida. We had a great time. Would have been more fun if Felix came too. Maybe next time.
Poor Felix - all he got was a bandanna and a silly hat!