Friday, October 8, 2010

Walt Disney World

Well I was supposed to fly on a plane but we had a change of plans. Instead I went to visit Miss Liz, Sirius & Luna. We went to a place called "up north" I had fun. Too bad Miss Liz knows the rules. I couldn't get away with anything!

My friend Mogli took my place in Florida. Here he is reporting in:
Hi Mogli here. I met Miss Andrea at her hotel. She had a big room to run around in. Mom Natalie said I should walk with Andrea for practice. I kept looking to see where my Mommy was.
Miss Andrea called me a Momma's boy. What ever that means. We also visited where Andrea goes to school. Her school is different than Natalie's. I also showed Andrea around Universal. I'm here all the time. I showed her the ropes. Jaws and Harry Potter world.
I even took a drink of Butter beer when Andrea spilled hers on the ground.MMM yummy.
I met another PAWS dog there too. His name was Phoenix.I'm glad Andrea came to Florida. We had a great time. Would have been more fun if Felix came too. Maybe next time.
Poor Felix - all he got was a bandanna and a silly hat!

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