Friday, March 18, 2011

My Vacation with Miss Suzanne

Mom & Aussie went to Arizona. I got to go to Flynn's house. These are a few of my letters.

3/16 Hi Mom,
Wazzup, Mom? Did I countersurf once too often? Did Aussie complain too much about when I drag her around by the collar? Please tell me - what was the straw that broke the camel's back and made you send me to get a dose of my own medicine with Flynn?
Yup, Flynn is a non-stop energy machine, except when he is sleeping. He wants to play ALL THE TIME - I get overwhelmed. He grabs my collar and tries to drag me around. Fortunately, I'm bigger and heavier than he is, so I just stand there and eventually he lets go. Even though there are lots of toys, Flynn wants to grab at the one I have. I try to lay down and he jumps on my bones. I may have bags under my eyes when I get home - I am coming home aren't I?
Actually, I'm having a good time with Flynn, once he got used to having a big bro in the house. I didn't whine in my crate last night. Suzanne took me to the library all by myself. I was a good boy! So don't worry, Mom, everything is O.K. Have a good time and I'll see you when you get home - when will that be?

Puppy hugs and slobbery smooches,

3/18 Hi Mom,
I gave Suzanne a good lesson. It involved me being on the back seat of the truck and a large Coke and cheeseburger being in the front seat. When she got out to let me out of the back seat - well, you know what happened. I do have to say that she learns very quickly - good girl, Suzanne!
Also, Flynn can't open cabinet doors, but I can if they don't close real well. Suzanne was sitting in another room and she heard some chewing in the kitchen. When she came in, there was the cabinet door under the sink - open. Flynn was chewing a bar of soap - he didn't eat alot. It all came out later in the afternoon. Another lesson learned - keep an eye on everyone at all times.
Other than that, I'm being a good boy and having a great time. We go out on adventures - Flynn one time and me another. With the weather warming up nicely, we're spending quality time in the fenced-in backyard helping Suzanne pick up sticks and stuff from the winter.
Hope you're having a good time in the sunny southwest. I be Aussie is thinking she's in heaven with me not there to bedevil her. I think this is a good break for everyone.

Puppy hugs and slobbery smooches,
Felix the Great