Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas time is here

Exciting things are going on in my house. There is a pine tree inside my house. There are boxes with shiny paper under it. Mom but the x-pen around it so I couldn't play with those good smelling boxes. I love to rip up paper. I wanted to chew on the branches too. Mom says "leave it!" She spoils all the fun. Grandma, Grandpa and Owen are staying at our house. He is fun to play with. He puts me in line when I get a little out of control. I need to respect my elders. Owen is not supposed to be on the couch. I wasn't going to tell on him .I love to play and wrestle but Grandma said I make her blood pressure go up. Aussie was giving her a face wash. We wouldn't want any crumbs left behind.I look like a big dog but I'm only 10 months, still a puppy.I also got to go to the mall with my class. We saw Santa. My teacher Dean said we all did very good for such a distracting place.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I went to a party this week. There were nice people called AMVETS. They help pups like me pay for college. That way our new families don't have to pay for training. There was a lot of noise and kids running. I had to be on my best behavior. They all thought I was very handsome. Ukon showed me how to go down and under. It was kind of boring after a while.