Friday, July 9, 2010

Cherry everything

I went on a long car ride to Grandpa's house. Grandma & Owen are still traveling the country.
We stopped for a potty break along the way. Mom took me to an air show. The planes were very loud. I wasn't scared. I got to sit on a few of the planes and meet the pilots. They were nice. I gave them a thank you smooch. I even got to meet the cherry queen and the Blue Angels. They are very important people. It was a very hot weekend. I tried out my cooling vest. worked like a charm. My back and belly stayed cool. The hottest part was my head.They had Cherry everything there. Salsa,BBQ sauce, pies, pizza and my favorite HipBones- cherry dog biscuits! Julie & James visited with us. We went to a smelly place that sold ice cream. The cows were right there. I didn't even get a taste!