Saturday, June 5, 2010

Doctors & Snow Cones

This week I had a new adventure. I went to art fair where there were lots of people & new smells. Mom tried out a cooling vest on me. It's a little big now but it should fit in the future. My fur gets very hot in the sunshine. I tried something new called a snow cone. It was like ice cookies but a little different. I'm not quite sure about that yet. I liked it more when it was out of the cup and I could lick it. Mommy's was blue but I liked my white one. My Great Grandma was in the hospital. I got to visit a place called the emergency room. She was okay she just needed a little change in her medicine.
Mommy went to get her teeth cleaned. I came along and helped adjust the chair while she was lying down. I showed Miss Wendy my big boy teeth. I have two on top!I am now 4 months old. That means no more shots. I went and got my last set. I was a very good boy. They even put medicine up my nose. Not sure if that was really necessary. I am learning that Aussie likes me more when I lick her ears instead of biting them. She will let me groom her now. Just as long as I only lick. That's hard to remember.

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