Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting into a routine

Not too many exciting things going on. We've settled into a good routine. I wake up and wrestle with my sister a little. Then we go to the store or a meeting to practice my skills. I like to practice at Sam's Club and Meijer. There are good smells there.
Tuesdays I have school. It is harder to pay attention with all those other puppies in their uniforms. Especially when I see Dixie, Chyna, Ellie and my brother Fergus. They are all my size. Last week there were new puppies there. Even harder to ignore. I've been working real hard on SIT, DOWN, & HEEL. I'm doing great remembering to look at Mom's face for instructions. LEAVE IT is still in progress. Things are so exciting to me I can't wait to smell, touch and taste them. I've also learned that table legs are not for chewing and now they taste very bitter. I don't like that fooey stuff. I still have a lot of trouble not barking when I'm excited or when I want someone to pay attention to me. I don't like that word QUIET.

I'm getting much taller and catching up to Aussie.This cape I'm wearing is shrinking too. It's been the same cape since I came home. It used to touch my back legs!
Thanks for checking in. I'm loving all this learnin' stuff but it sure makes a boy tired. time for a nap.

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