Thursday, April 5, 2012

More un-official news

A mailing went out this month to PAWS donors. What do you know? It's our boy. So proud!
Still waiting for the word and our baby book will be in the mail. YAY Felix. Good Boy!!!
Christina got a bad feeling every time an ambulance raced by. The blazing sirens always faded, but the worry something had happened to her dad, Doug, remained. Doug’s mobility was strictly limited due to a spinal cord injury and subsequent stroke. He struggled with tasks that used to
be easy. That he was home alone during the day fueled Christina’s fears – would the next ambulance she saw be speeding to her dad’s rescue? The rest of Doug’s family shared her concern. They all knew Doug was vulnerable – both physically and emotionally.
Then, last October, Doug met Felix.
Felix – an attentive, friendly black lab – is the Service Dog Doug applied for and received from Paws With A Cause. Before placing Felix, PAWS® custom trained him to perform tasks which help meet Doug’s needs.
“Felix picks up all the stuff I drop – keys, socks, cane, wallet, papers. The remote! He opens and closes doors, and will bring me the phone in an emergency. Having Felix gives me confidence. I’m not afraid to go to the store by myself anymore because I know Felix can pick up
anything I might drop.”
But Felix hasn’t just made Doug’s life easier – he’s changed life for the whole family. They have a renewed sense of security and peace of mind knowing if Doug is in trouble, Felix is there to help. And they’re especially grateful for the things Felix brings Doug that are harder to measure:
“No doubt, Felix has given me the freedom and independence I forgot I could have and the pleasure life can offer. I’ll always remember the days of feeling sorry for myself and not wanting to get out of bed. Felix instinctively knows and comforts me when I’m not feeling well. He has a way of making even the bad days good. Felix is my best friend, and I cannot thank everyone at PAWS enough for such a precious gift.”

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