Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great news!!!

PAWS HQ Writes: Received this note from a client this week and had to share:

Yesterday was our 2nd BIG day. First is when Felix came in to my life and second (yesterday) is when his certification was filmed. My boy did good and made me very proud. He is such a smart and great dog, my shadow, my companion. He has changed my life both mentally and physically. What I used to struggle with is in the past because Feli...x is always there to help me. He is always with me and I love the fact that we are best friends. I can't thank you, PAWS, breeders and trainers enough for this wonderful gift of freedom and independence. A special thanks to the Raiser for doing a fantastic job raising him and preparing him for the big day when he graced my doorstep. He was so prepared to help me from the first day and gets so excited when he does his task. Thank you Raiser for the wonderful job you did for Felix and me. I don't know if people fully understand what these precious gifts do for us unless you really need them. Again, new found freedom and independence is beyond words. Our Field Trainer is fantastic and very talented. She did a tremendous job training me to work effectively with Felix. It is obvious she loves her job and the dogs she works with. Please give her a GOLD star!

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