Monday, April 19, 2010

A week of firsts

I've enjoying many new experiences this week. I got to do my first school program. It went okay. The kids thought I was very cute. which I am.
I wanted to play with Miss Liz and Sirus. I barked to get Mom's attention while she was talking to the kids. Then I was chewing on Miss Liz's fingers. Two things that Mom said were not okay. I'm learning what is appropriate public behavior.
The kids didn't mind me speaking up.
My belly is still on the feeding schedule I had when I was living with Grandma and my siblings. Breakfast at 5:30 am. My new Mommy doesn't appreciate that since we don't go to bed until midnight. It's an adjustment for everyone. We've compromised on 6:30 am and return to bed for a while.
I got to visit Monica & Bree for the night. My first sleep over. I had a blast and Mom got a little extra rest. A bonus!

Today I met my new vet. I met Dr Jeane last month at HQ but now I met Dr Rudy. He will take care of me here at home. I now weigh 21.8 lbs!! I'm growing fast. I got a shot but I didn't even notice.
 He gives good cookies.
Aussie and I still love each other. I think I will be her size very soon.

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